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Can You Buy Playstation Points Online

Sony said that it made this change "to enhance online payment security for all PS3 and PS Vita owners." While aging infrastructure may be part of the reason, it's also likely that the company wants to slowly wean PS3 and Vita users off the digital storefront. Keeping a service online for a shrinking number of users is costly.

can you buy playstation points online

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Why would anyone trade in their 15.000 points for Sekiro when they can get 60$ in store credit for the same amount of points and just buy it on sale or, you know, just have their pick out thousands of games instead of those 5 offered?

@KidBoruto @YMM on a similar note (in case you were curious and hadn't tried it) you get the same number of points whether you buy games with cash on the PSN store, or whether you use funds from your wallet. Sounds obvious, but the headline here is that you can load your wallet with funds from cheap PSN vouchers (like ShopTo and various other places sell), and get just as many points for spending less actual cash (and therefore spend less cash to earn enough points to claim a PSN voucher).

PlayStation Now has officially gone and you can't buy in-store subscription cards or codes online, but you can still buy PlayStation Plus membership cards from some online retailers which could also get you a discount. All PlayStation Plus subscriptions are automatically converted to the Essential tier of PlayStation Plus, but some retailers like ShopTo have discounts on membership cards. Here's where you can still buy PS Plus Cards in the UK:

The scheme is separate from PlayStation Plus, Sony's multiplayer and online platform - you don't need to be paying for PlayStation Plus to qualify for PlayStation Stars, which is great. You will need to sign up your account, though, as there isn't any automatic enrolment at this point.

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There's so much to enjoy on the PlayStation store! You could play the newest PlayStation game on PS5, (re-)explore classics on the PS3, or buy FIFA points for PlayStation to build your dream team. All of that you can do with a PSN card from

When you redeem a PlayStation Store card, you add credit to your PlayStation Store online wallet. You can then use this credit to make purchases on the PlayStation Store like PS games, but also films, music, artwork and other various items. By using a gift card, you can buy games on the PlayStation Store without a credit card.

Some players just need to top up their account with a few hundred points to get the latest Battle Pass or bundle. Whereas others need a big restock with the intention of spending many points. The more points you want, the bigger the discounts grow. 041b061a72


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