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Watch Hunter X Hunter - 052

1999 version did left a greater impression on me. You could say it's only natural since back then I didn't know what to expect, but I think there's something about watching them nonchalantly unleash all these high-level nen moves with almost no exposition that makes you want to shut up and watch.

Watch Hunter X Hunter - 052

1) That only means that he wants to capture criminals, being a Blacklist Hunter doesnt give kurapika special powers. If a hunter wants to be a treasure hunter doesnt mean he is going to found treasures just because he is a treasure hunter.

I agree with you about the fight scene. I was disappointed with this episode. I was expecting something epic by the likes of ep35 and 47. i just watched the original fight of this one again after watching the new one and I felt the excitement more in the original oav version than in this one. the 2011's fight's kinda slow, not that dynamic, the animation here kinda lacking compared to what Madhouse did on their past episodes, and i really hated those parts where they stop a second of the fight just to show the name of the move or something like that. for me, it really ruined the momentum. the lighting as well, okay, the original was dark, which is cool, but the new one doesn't have the lighting styles that they did with ep35 and 47. Madhouse were able to do a great job with the past fights but why didn't they do it here? maybe it's a different animation director? still, i didn't feel my adrenaline pumping when i watched the new version of the fight, unlike, again, ep35 and 47 and of course, the original oav version of this one.

Good Review Enzo! Madhouse did a really good job with this episode. What a pity that fans of the 99 version commented on your review like it's ALL about the 99 version. Enzo never watched the old version nor once bring up any comparison, it gets on my nerve reading all these 99 fans taking over any 2011 version review like they's so entitled to.

Who said Kurapika knew Chrono was in the next room? It could be he was merely about to check the room before receiving the phone call then turned back. He could just be getting a feeling there was an enemy in the next room but the episode showed no indication that he actually was 100% sure Chrono was in the next room. As a non 1998 watcher and a non-manga reader, that's how I saw it. I feel really sorry for people who already have seen the 1998 version (or even those who have read the manga). They can't take this anime as it is but always feel the need to compare.

I've watched both the '99 and 2011 version of this fight, and they both have their strong points. Why do we have to compare these two all the time and with such spite? What are you gaining from this argument? 041b061a72


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