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Dragon Ball Z Budokai 2

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This is the second installment of the Budokai series. Goku and the Z Warriors travel through the Dragonball Z universe from the Saiyan to the Kid Buu Saga. It has all new cel-shaded characters with absorptions and fusions. Instead of story mode, they have Dragon World, where you can create your own Dragonball Z adventure!

Dragon Ball Z: Budokai 2 offers a slightly new experience from its predecessor, although many of the same modes are on hand, albeit with some modifications. You'll find four main gameplay modes to choose from. They are dragon world, dueling, world tournament, and training. Additionally, there's as an edit skills option. Dragon world replaces last year's story mode, and, while it still features narrative elements, it offers a decidedly different experience. The mode is broken up into three distinct components, a 2D-style board game, story sequences, and 3D fighting. As in last year's PlayStation 2 game and this year's recently released GameCube game, Dragon Ball Z: Budokai 2's narrative mines the various story arcs from the cartoon for its material. However, this time out the game doesn't use real-time cinemas based on the cartoon. The game's story is told via conversations between characters during the new 2D board sequences. The 3D fighting segments follow the same basic structure as the original game's, although there have been some refinements made to the fighting system.

An all-new addition to Dragon Ball Z: Budokai 2 is the 2D board game used in dragon world. The 2D game is a turn-based journey over a board that is peppered with enemies, items to pick up, teleport pads, and health restoring pit stops. At the start of every game, you'll be given your objectives, which usually first involve reaching a dragon ball placed somewhere on the board but can also include defeating a specific enemy. While your main character in this mode will be Goku, you'll usually have the option to pick at least one supporting character to help you in your quest. The roster of helpers can include Goku's usual stable of buddies, like Tien and Gohan, as well as more dubious helpers, like Vegeta. Once you've selected the allowed number of helpers, the game starts. Your characters will begin in preset locations and will feature a segmented bar next to them. The amount of highlighted blocks on the bar determines how many times they can lose in battle. You'll highlight any of your characters on the map, and press X to select them. The spaces around you that are reachable in your turn are highlighted to help you get a sense of where you can go. As you move through the board, you can collect and equip an item called the dragon radar, which points you in the appropriate direction on the board you need to go. You'll also be able to collect cash and temporary stat power-ups, and you can even recharge the number of times your character can lose in battle. As you continue to make your way through the board, you'll eventually land on the same space as friends and enemies. When landing on the same space as a friend, you'll occasionally be rewarded by a status change of some kind. While this is usually good, there are a few character combinations that result in one of the involved characters having a stat or stats lowered. When you land on a space occupied by an enemy, the game will shift to a dialogue window, as the characters interact. This then segues into 3D fighting. As you clear a board, by completing its particular objectives, new ones will open up that feature different layouts and new themed arenas for battling your foes.

From what we've played so far, Dragon Ball Z: Budokai 2 is shaping up to be a solid sequel to its predecessor. The improved graphics, refined gameplay, and extra playable characters are all welcome additions to last year's game. We'll admit that we're not entirely sold on the dragon world mode, the turn-based mechanics of the board game sequences, or the load times that segue to the 3D fighting segments (and make


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