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Periodic Table Of Sex Pdf

Daily PrEP: Daily PrEP involves people of any gender identity (cis-gender man, cis-gender woman or transgender man or woman) taking 1 pill once a day, every day. With daily PrEP, a person can feel protected from HIV whenever they have sex or inject substances. It is for people who have possible exposure to HIV on a frequent basis, or an unpredictable basis. An important benefit of daily PrEP is that the person is always protected and can establish a daily habit of taking the medication. Daily PrEP with Descovy may be a good option for people who have difficulty tolerating Truvada, including people who have kidney disease or osteoporosis.

periodic table of sex pdf

A person taking long-acting injectable PrEP who is not able to get an injection on time may take oral PrEP to ensure they remain protected. You and your healthcare provider will discuss in advance and develop a plan for what to do if you miss an appointment or are traveling when your injection is due. Oral medication would be taken until the next injection is performed. If more than 16 weeks passes between injections, the person should receive two injections, four weeks apart before returning to the every 8 weeks injection schedule.

PrEP is one of many options for preventing HIV. HIV is passed from one person to another through sharing injection drug equipment or through anal or vaginal sexual intercourse. People can avoid getting HIV by: 1) not sharing drug injection equipment (needle, syringe, cooker, cotton, etc.), 2) avoiding anal or vaginal intercourse; 3) having only one monogamous sex partner whose HIV status is known to be negative: 4) having only one partner who is living with HIV and has an undetectable viral load. It is important to be aware that a person living with HIV who is on HIV treatment and is virally suppressed for six months or longer cannot pass HIV to a partner through sex. If you have sex with more than one partner, taking PrEP or consistent and correct use of condoms each time you have sex, can prevent you from getting HIV.

Individuals living with HIV who are taking HIV treatment consistently and have an undetectable viral load for at least 6 months cannot transmit the virus to an HIV-negative partner through sexual activity. In sero-discordant or magnetic couples (one person is living with HIV and the other not living with HIV), PrEP may be used by the HIV-negative partner for additional protection.

It depends on your doctor. Any physician, nurse practitioner or physician assistant can prescribe PrEP. It is important to have a healthcare provider who you can work with you to individualize PrEP to your needs and circumstances. Not all health care facilities are prepared to administer long-acting injectable PrEP. The New York State Department of Health has prepared a directory of healthcare providers that prescribe PrEP that can be found at: _index.htm

All three approved medications, Truvada, Descovy and Cabotegravir, are recognized as well-tolerated medications with few side effects. In clinical trials, only a small number of people found the side effects serious enough to stop taking the medication. People taking PrEP should discuss any side effects they experience with their healthcare provider. In many cases, side effects are only short term and can be managed. Two important health issues related to taking PrEP include kidney function and bone density. Your healthcare provider will ask if you have a history of kidney disease and will periodically order lab work to monitor your kidney function. Bone density will be monitored as needed. The NYSDOH is aware that there are lawsuits that claim harm to individuals taking Truvada. However, scientific evidence shows that when taken as directed, Truvada is safe and effective. Since there are risks to taking any medication, individuals should speak with their healthcare provider about the benefits, risks (side effects), and possible alternatives for every medication they choose to take in order to understand the best choices for their specific situation.

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