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Where To Buy Reclaimed Wood In Ma

New England is the home of countless old wooden buildings such as old homesteads, barns, and other out-buildings that are the source for beautiful reclaimed wood that will be perfect for homes in Boston, Massachusetts.

where to buy reclaimed wood in ma

Then there are the unique properties of reclaimed wood, including its physical appearance. Reclaimed wood has been gently weathered and features unique coloring, fascinating knotholes and wear patterns, insect markings, and old nail holes that add character and charm to the wood. Properly recycled and processed for modern use, the beauty and functionality of reclaimed wood is unmatched.

New England is the home of countless old wooden buildings such as old homesteads, barns, and other out-buildings that are the source for beautiful reclaimed wood that will be perfect for homes in Acton, Massachusetts.

Using reclaimed wood in a renovation requires more legwork than just stopping at a home center for lumber, but our Cambridge, Massachusetts, project house highlights the unique beauty that used timber can bring to a renovation.

Welcome to our new reclaimed wood website! We have dozens of species, hundreds of sources & surfaces, and millions of board feet from New York City, American farms, tropical jungles, local forests and more.

Our family started milling White Cedar siding for architects back in 1971. (And back in 1639, a Dutch ancestor worked in wood finishing in New Amsterdam!) Today, we also supply, mill and finish reclaimed lumber for wood flooring, paneling, siding, decking, trim, dimensional and wood countertops.

Our stock is rare wood, which is getting more difficult to source, so our customers and clients value what we offer, and they understand the ways of reclaimed wood. We supply the best available project materials and we custom mill it to architectural specification. Often, our materials are sought out by homeowners and professionals that want LEED certifiable woods for environmental and financial reasons. Utilizing reclaimed wood in design has many benefits, including strength, beauty and responsibility.

Reclaimed wood comes in countless dimensions and four surfaces: Original, Brushed, Skip Planed, and Full Planed (the new look). It can all be Custom Milled to spec, and to scale. We milled 50,000 bf of Western Red Cedar tank wood for Kieran Timberlake, the famed global architecture firm.

Our New England locations serve multiple purposes in providing our customers with high quality reclaimed wood, new wood and custom milling.Klaas Armster is our main contact at 203-214-9705 and is usually at or near one of the sites.

Most tables range from 6 to 10 feet in length and Benson says each one is unique because each piece of reclaimed antique wood is so different. The wood's beauty is first revealed to the customer during the selection process.

"Our specialty is chestnut: antique reclaimed American chestnut. It got wiped out by a blight in the early 1900s," he said. "It's called functionally extinct now. You can't order it from a lumber yard. The only way to get it is reclaimed from buildings that were built 100 to 200 years ago."

But for budgetary and stylistic reasons, it is imperative to have the right wood. Reclaimed wood is quite popular no matter the home project. The good news is that you can find reclaimed wood in plenty of places, too. It can be found through online sources like Etsy, eBay, and Craigslist while you can also find it through several local outlets as well.

One of the primary reasons why people choose reclaimed wood for their projects is the availability of certain types of wood. Depending on where you live, there are regulations that prevent certain types of trees from being cut down and harvested.

The wood that you buy from a big box store may be readily available in great quantities, but it is simply mass-produced. There is nothing unique or interesting about that wood. It gets the job done if that is all you are looking to do.

But reclaimed wood has its own unique history. Maybe the reclaimed wood you are working with comes from an old lumber factory. Or maybe it is from a barn that was built in the 1800s. With reclaimed wood, there is a story behind each piece. That story is enough to give real depth and history to your project.

More and more people these days have an eye towards the environment. We realize the impact that we have had on this planet and it has not been a good one. Many people are looking to make a positive impact on the environment and the type of wood chosen for a project is a good place to start.

Reclaimed wood is not grown on any farm. Those farms cultivate trees that grow fast and do not support the local ecosystem. While reclaimed wood is from a tree that has already been cut, it is getting another purpose in your project. No cutting down more trees just to create more lumber when you use reclaimed wood.

With these mass-produced lumbers that are grown on farms, there is no uniqueness to them. You get the same piece of wood that you could find at a hundred other stores. It will get the job done if you need it to, but that is about where it ends.

Because of the difficulty and cost of buying reclaimed wood, there are a few things to be aware of before you begin shopping. First and foremost, make sure that the wood you are getting has been treated properly. The last thing that you want is to use your reclaimed wood for outdoor purposes only to see it deteriorate and rot due to lack of proper treatment.

You should also find a dealer that has cleaned and scrubbed the wood thoroughly. Having to clean reclaimed wood is just another step and a hassle that you have to deal with. Further, they should be using a metal detector to find any nails that may be hidden below the surface.

Kiln-drying takes time, though. The wood is heated using lower temperatures and the process can take a year or more. The bigger the beam of reclaimed wood, the longer the kiln process will take. Another thing to keep in mind is the rarity of the wood. The rarer the wood, the more likely it has not been kiln-dried.

The internet has made nearly anything possible. So, why not use it to find reclaimed wood, too? The great thing about shopping online is that you are not restricted to what your local sources have. Depending on which channel you go through (more on that in a minute), you can find options that would not have been otherwise available.

The good news is that there are a plethora of sites that you can go to for your reclaimed lumber needs. Shopping online not only means more possibilities it means that you can have your lumber delivered right to your door. There is no arguing the convenience offered by online shopping.

Depending on the format, you can get your lumber instantly through the buy it now option. This way, you can shop for available prices (with shipping listed) and make your choice without having to go to a million other places. If you want to try to get a deal on some reclaimed lumber, you can keep an eye out for an auction and watch it to the finish.

Not only can you find reclaimed wood on Etsy, but you can search for goods built from reclaimed and wood. From décor to furniture and everything in between, all it takes is a quick search to unlock the possibilities.

And that is where the crapshoot begins. You can find plenty of cool and interesting things on Craigslist. But you will also find more than a few unique and interesting characters, too. In-person meetups always have their caveats and this is no different. Unless you want to meet some unique characters in person, you might want to go with an option that will ship to your home instead.

What better source to go to than one that deals exclusively in reclaimed wood? Longleaf Lumber has many options available for all situations: flooring, paneling, board & beam, custom milling, and more.

Even better, they have special offers on some of their items so you can either bundle or save. Best of all, they ship to you. Find precisely the kind of reclaimed lumber that you have been looking for and have it delivered right to your door.

Another online distributor, Plank and Mill brings the various reclaimed wood options out there right to your screen. What is cool about Plank and Mill is that they feature a gallery of all the various projects their reclaimed wood has been used for.

On top of that, they offer a number of tutorials for DIYers who are looking to do something different with their reclaimed wood. Whether you are completely new to the world of reclaimed wood or a veteran, you will get quite a bit from their tutorials.

Another online distributor for reclaimed wood. As far as pure selection goes, Vintage Timberworks may be the best option. It is a trusted source for quality reclaimed wood all delivered right to your door.

There are reclaimed wood flooring, reclaimed teak, vintage boards, rustic cladding, reclaimed wood box beams, vintage beams and timbers, rustic mantels, corbels, reclaimed ironwood, and even exterior siding.

Buying online offers more than a few options but it also has its setbacks. Paying for shipping can get quite expensive depending on where it is coming from and how much wood you are buying. Not only that, there is always the risk that something could wrong in transit, damaging your wood or even losing it entirely.

For that reason, people may want to shop locally for their reclaimed wood. Besides, there is nothing quite like holding the wood of your choice in your hands, getting a feel for it, and seeing the colors and character of that wood in person. 041b061a72


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