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What We Leave BehindHD

After Oliver gives a speech at the gathering, both Susan and Felicity congratulate him; Felicity makes it awkward for everyone by bringing up the idea of a double date. Curtis follows Paul out of the party, since Paul caught him in a lie about how he spends his nights. As Curtis attempts to come clean with Paul, Prometheus appears and mercilessly assaults Curtis. Prometheus leaves Curtis bloodied and unconcious while Paul calls for help.

What We Leave BehindHD


Curtis awakens in the medical clinic with Paul close by. Paul asks how Curtis knows how to fight well enough to stave off the Throwing Star Killer, but Felicity and Oliver show up before Curtis can say anything. When Paul leave the room to speak to Detective Malone, Curtis says that Prometheus must realize that he's Mr. Terrific, which implies that Prometheus knows the rest of the group's secret identities.

Felicity discovers that the remains belong to Justin Claybourne himself, which makes it impossible for him to be the Killer. In a flashback to Oliver's initial assault on Claybourne, he threatens him with a blowtorch to stop the price gouging. He then leaves him with an arrow in the leg as a warning.

In a flashback, we get somewhat more foundation on Claybourne: he made weaponized TB to gouge costs and make a requirement for his TB sedate. Oliver pledges to kill him, however Diggle cautions Oliver that there will outcomes to his activities one day.

After they collide with a lower floor, Prometheus reveals to Oliver that he's examined him and will take everything from him piece by piece. Oliver sees Prometheus somewhere off to the side and shoots him multiple times in the chest. Nonetheless, Oliver discovers that it was a stunt, and that it was just a gagged Billy wearing Prometheus' suit. As Oliver processes what he's done, Prometheus tells Oliver that everyone he comes into contact with dies.

Oliver appears at Susan's condo and says he didn't have the foggiest idea what other place to go. Oliver admits to Susan that he ruins individuals' lives. Susan says that Oliver just focuses on the negative and begins to kiss him.

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