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Fallout 4 Face Texturesl LINK

While not directly affecting the face, the Ponytail Hairstyle mod will still change the overall appearance of your character massively. In total, it adds 32 new hairstyles to the game, which are primarily designed for female characters (although they work for males too). Once installed, you can head to the Barber in Diamond City, or apply them during character creation.

Fallout 4 Face Texturesl

I always had a problem, maybe for many Fallout 4 users this was not a annoyance, but for me was terrible, the Limit of the face Textures of 1024x1024 for the face Difuse and Normal Maps textures, and not only that But the terrible 512x512 Specular Face textures.

i spended almost all my time while making mods to found a way to make the face textures higher, after a long time i get the answer, and it was in front of me all the time, it was not pleasant to do this way, but is the only way i found for now.

Like said in introduction, this mod will double all Face Related Textures, this means that no mod like Face tattoos Make-up etc... will not be compatible unless they are the same Size of the face, i did a patch for the Looksmenu compenfium, that will be posted on his mod page.

the core and will make the Vanilla works in 2k i resized to the right size and formats everything to make the Vanilla Game Faces related 2k, so if you just want a Vanilla game, install this one, and this one can be useful for people who alread have a face mod and dont want to change, but have in mind that you need manually resize the Face Textures you use to the same size included in this file to work. i will not do Patch for other faces mods alread launched except my own work.

My Retexture of the Male and Female Faces like you can see in screenshots, i tried my best to make a real hd texture mixing another faces mods and the ones i alread did in my previous mods, all is reworked and will include my Latest edit materials, Please take Note that this mod only will work with The Real HD Main File Installed, dont try without or you will get a Black Face.

About the Glow... I edited the Materials to activate the Sub-Surface textures; the reason being that it looks more realistic in some lighting, however if your sun or HDR is too strong, sometimes the glow can appear much stronger and look odd. If you do not like the effect, you can go to the following folder..

There are 20 face paints in the game, by renaming the file in the download to any of the 1 to 20, you will be able to replace which ever paint you want.For example,,

Now, the faces in Fallout 4 have come a long way from the melted plastic crayons that they were in Fallout 3 and New Vegas. However, they can still sometimes be a bit too uncanny valley with their too pointed noses and boxy necks.

Fallout 4 is not known for cutting edge graphics. But you can take steps to improve the graphics via new community made textures. And that's where this mod comes in. It replaces the young female face textures with new ones. Some of the changes from vanilla are new diffuse, normal and specular maps.

Let's face it, Fallout: New Vegas is a pretty violent game. Enemies can be dispatched and decapitated in a number of gruesome ways. There's even a perk called "Bloody Mess" that makes certain executions even more of a gory spectacle.

Mip maps are necessary for almost every texture. Removing mipmaps from normal maps would have a horrible effect on the clarity of the image. Not using mipmaps would result in a "shimmering" effect as seen on the image here: -egz.pngIf mipmaps are removed, the pixels on the left example would be constantly moving. This would be very noticeable on normal maps; from what I've seen normal maps included in most texture packs are done rather badly and are incredibly noisy....Unfortunately, creating texture replacers for objects that had their normal maps baked from highpoly models is pretty much pointless. Their diffuse textures can be tweaked, but modyfing their normal maps in Photoshop will often produce technically incorrect results. Objects like that rely on normal maps NOT to add surface detail, but to define the shading of a lowpoly object and bring it closer to its highpoly version. Upscaling normal maps and overlaying noisy detail on top of it can make it appear slightly sharper, but in most cases it will produce worse results than rendering the normal map at a higher resolution. Here's a massive article about normal mapping in current generation video games: _map

Normal maps should be saved at quarter resolution (eg, 1024x1024 -> 512x512) as uncompressed. This results in the same file size, and avoids the DXT artifacts which can mess with normal maps.The thing to keep in mind is that normal maps, essentially, aren't color. They're actually 3-dimensional vectors that are stored using color values, that special shaders read and convert back to 3D vectors to do directional lighting calculations with. For instance, say you have the vector: -0.707, 0.0, +0.707 which points a bit towards the side. This gets converted to color as: R: 90, G: 128, B: 218 Now, remember that DXT compression is lossy, which means the color that's read will be slightly different than what it originally was. So, for example, you may end up getting back something like: R: 88, G: 125, B: 225 which is close, and other neighboring texels (texture pixels) may also be modified to hide the discrepancy. But, this is to hide the difference ofperceived color, and again, this is actually a 3D vector. So when you convert it back to a 3D vector, you get: -0.69, -0.98, 0.765 Rather different from where it started, no? It's pointing off-kilter, which would cause the texel to be lit incorrectly. Add little bits of "noise" like this all across the face of the surface, and it's not hard to see this is suboptimal when dealing with non-color information.If it's instead saved uncompressed, the color that's read back will be the same as it was originally stored with, which when converted back, is: -0.706, 0.003, 0.710 Much closer to the original. The resolution of the normal map may be quartered, but it will provide a relatively smooth transition between neighboring texels that each better represent their original values, thus has fewer anomalies.PS. There may be some inaccuracies in the above post, but the idea is there. In essence: DXT compression doesn't play well with normal maps. Using uncompressed formats is better, even if it means quartering the resolution.

I think there are some water mod textures also have artifacting which at a distance creates an unwanted effect, what I call the distant polarised matrix effect ( its not a technical term anyone else has used, in my mind it just describes what I think is going on there , as you move slightly side to side as you walk forward, that distant shimmering effect you see with some textures installed and when its raining - Similar to what you can see in optical illusions with a layer of lines on transparent cell overlaying another cell with lines at a different angle .. into infinity ) on the surface of the water which I think is a result of compression artifacting on those layered textures.

Anyway, uncompressed normals for special cases can have the downside to them ( large size ) offset by reducing them to a quarter size as mentioned in the OP. But that may not be viable if it affects the look drastically of large textures at long distance, or in the case of faces where people like to get close to them and the objective is to have beautiful skin texture.

Best suited for uncompressed or cleaned textures - otherwise it may just enhance any existing compression artefacts too. The training set included faces, body parts, eyes and hair in a variety of skin types and tones so it should work well on most related diffuse textures.

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Fallout Character Overhaul: Multiple broken file paths which cause missing mesh triangles and pink textures. The installer auto-selects patches for mods you don't have installed and installs the Glowing Ghouls file which causes massive performance drops and save bloat. It doesn't cover every NPC in the game (Plus NPCs from the DLCs or mods), so any uncovered NPCs look very out of place. It requires the bLoadFaceGenHeadEGTFiles INI setting to be enabled, which causes performance loss due to generating NPC face textures on the fly in-game. It also overwrites many YUP fixes for NPCs, though these can be patched using FNVEdit. I recommend New Vegas Redesigned 2 Revised or Character Expansions Revised instead.

I am slave to Slay The Spire once again, thanks to the Watcher now being properly out. I like how she leans into broken combos even more than previous characters, but it's also easier than ever to fall flat on your face.


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