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Best Buy Operations Manager Job Description

McGowan, a business manager for Airgas, represents the company at Operation Homefront. The organization provides a variety of support to military families, from emergency assistance to car repairs. The organization can usually provide aid within 48 hours and is easiest to contact online, said McGowan.

best buy operations manager job description

My role at Northrop has varied since being hired. I have been a lab manager and cyber engineer, but I have experience as a functional manager, the operations manager for Engineering and Sciences in San Diego, and most recently the program manager for the Weapons Data Link IRAD. Through all of my roles, I have had unique opportunities to gain valuable insight into how the company operates. In my most current role, I ensure the project maintains the necessary schedule to complete our objectives all while staying within our budget. I also ensure we have the staff needed to complete the objectives. As a program manager, I also have the opportunity to interact with customers to ensure our progress is in line with the requirements they have.

A Warehouse Associate is an entry-level position in a warehouse. A Warehouse Associate assists warehouse teams and managers with various tasks including ordering packing, inventory checks, stocking, transporting orders to trucks. A Warehouse Associate also assists with clerical tasks and organization of the warehouse office.

A Logistics Manager oversees the flow of materials in a warehouse. A Logistics Manager manages the movement of materials in a warehouse and distribution of finished products to the customer. A Logistics Manager keeps track of supply chain activities to ensure production runs smoothly and on time in connection with the warehouse managers and senior management team.

Sound of Music operated nine stores throughout Minnesota by 1978.[25] In 1981, the Roseville, Minnesota, Sound of Music location, at the time the largest and most profitable Sound of Music store, was hit by a tornado.[22] The store's roof was sheared off and showroom destroyed, but the storeroom was left intact.[22][26] In response, Schulze decided to have a "Tornado Sale" of damaged and excess stock in the damaged store's parking lot.[22] He poured the remainder of his marketing budget into advertising the sale, promising "best buys" on everything.[26] Sound of Music made more money during the four-day sale than it did in a typical month.[23]

In June 2009, Brian J. Dunn became Best Buy CEO. Dunn replaced Brad Anderson, who was retiring.[66] Dunn had joined Best Buy in 1985 as a sales associate. In 2000, Dunn became senior vice president of East Coast operations and president of North American retail operations in 2004. His most recent position was as president of Best Buy since 2006.[67]

The company closed all of its Best Buy-branded stores in China by February 2011, when it merged Best Buy China's operations with Jiangsu Five Star, which had become a wholly owned subsidiary of Best Buy in 2009.[2][71] In December 2011, Best Buy purchased mindSHIFT Technologies, a company that provided IT support for small and medium-sized businesses, for $167 million.[72]

In the second quarter of 2007, Connecticut Attorney General Richard Blumenthal ordered an investigation into the company's use of an in-store website alleged to have misled customers on item sales prices.[93] In December 2007, the Los Angeles Times reported on the same issue, in which some customers claimed they thought they were surfing the Internet version of at an in-store kiosk only to learn that the site reflected in-store prices only. In response, company spokesperson Sue Busch indicated the in-store kiosks were not intended for price-match purposes and rather were a means to navigate in-store availability. Since the initial investigation, a banner was placed on the in-store site to make its customers more aware of the difference.[94]

Warehouse managers oversee warehouse clerks, guide inventory tasks, communicate with third parties, and use warehouse inventory management software. Keep reading to discover typical warehouse manager salaries for many job markets, companies, and roles.

The average warehouse manager salary is $53,500. The average salary of warehouse managers depends on experience, job responsibilities, skill with a vendor marketplace, and technical know-how. A salary also depends on local cost of living, wage laws, and the company making the hiring decision. We used a few of the largest nationwide employment sites like Glassdoor, Indeed, Payscale, and to calculate average wages.

The average warehouse operations manager salary is $73,600. A warehouse operations manager is one of the more common managerial titles in warehouses. Warehouse operations managers oversee receiving and shipping activities, entry-level staff, inventory, and space usage.

An assistant warehouse manager salary is highly variable, but the average falls near $56,778. The variability can be for many reasons, including experience level, type of company, job responsibilities, and market location.

Assistant warehouse managers help warehouse managers with a variety of daily tasks. They are responsible for processing inventory, handling equipment, updating records, adhering to safety measures, and more.

The average warehouse distribution manager salary is between $69,400 and $77,000. A warehouse distribution manager is responsible for ensuring all tasks related to distribution run properly. This includes order management, picking and packing, eCommerce shipping preparation, and transportation. A distribution manager also deals with specialized software and should have strong familiarity with warehouse outbound processes.

The typical warehouse floor manager salary is between $53,400 and $86,300. Warehouse floor managers are responsible for overseeing all the daily operations of warehouse receiving and distribution. This includes assigning tasks to staff, scheduling deliveries, addressing customer service needs, and ensuring smooth operations.

An entry level warehouse manager salary usually falls between $35,800 and $54,700. Entry-level positions differ greatly from experienced positions. An entry-level warehouse manager may have experience as a warehouse associate. They may also be stepping into the role for the first time.

An entry-level warehouse manager oversees daily operations, maintains inventory, recommends productivity improvements, and assigns staff responsibilities. They may be the only manager on a warehouse floor, or they may report to a warehouse departmental manager.

Smaller warehouses may yield a salary difference of a few thousand fewer dollars per year. This means a difference of $5,000 to $10,000 less in some cases, meaning small warehouse managers make around $45,000 to $50,000.

The average salary for a warehouse department manager is $32,500. A warehouse department manager handles the responsibilities specific to one area of a warehouse. This may be receiving, inventory, distribution, back-office operations, or some combination of the above. Department managers may also use a warehouse management system (WMS).

Warehouse department manager salaries tend to be less than warehouse manager salaries, as their job entails fewer responsibilities. The salary may be higher based on different companies, where department managers may oversee dozens of employees.

The typical warehouse general manager salary is $67,550. A warehouse general manager is responsible for the successful and efficient operation of all warehouse tasks. They oversee warehouse management process flow through warehouse inventory management software, schedule deliveries and pickups, manage staff schedules, and provide training.

One, a shift manager may oversee two or three people at one business, versus overseeing 10 or 12 at another. Two, some shift managers may have a few extra responsibilities on the job, while others may be in a leadership-style position. Three, companies often pay higher salaries for those with more experience.

Warehouse shipping managers earn $53,000 on average. A warehouse shipping manager oversees all the logistics related to shipping products out including the packing slip. This includes picking and packing, eCommerce packaging, staging goods for pickup, updating inventory systems, and supervising customer service. A manager in this role also oversees any front-line staff who contribute to shipping.

The company is known for its sprawling stores and shelves, offering everything from snacks and wine to clothing and electronics. Costco warehouse managers oversee incoming shipments, coordinate warehouse associates, conduct inventory management, and ensure warehouse process flow is operating well.

The average Capstone Logistics warehouse manager salary is $57,900. Capstone Logistics is a third-party supply chain solutions provider in North America (for more information, see what is 3PL). They offer warehousing services, transportation, freight management, supply chain analytics, and more.

Depending on the services provided to a client, Capstone warehouse managers may be involved in multiple tasks. Inventory replenishment, dock management, pallet sorting, and warehouse maintenance are just a few examples.

They work with over 30 restaurant chains and similar companies in more than 90 countries across more than one online marketplace. Warehouse managers at Sysco have common managerial responsibilities, like controlling inventory, staff training, implementing safety procedures, and improving productivity.

The average UPS warehouse manager salary is $43,500. Individuals in this role are responsible for overseeing pickers and packers, ensuring orders ship on time, adhering to safety protocols, and contributing to hiring decisions.

Estimates vary widely, but the average Aldi warehouse manager salary is $72,889. Aldi is known for affordable grocery shopping, paying their employees above-average wages, and their minimalist store layouts. 041b061a72


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