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Kundli Chakra 2014 Professional Full Version !NEW!

-Bhava-bhava chakra: This Bhava-bhava chart is mainly used by astrologers in the field of love and relationships. While creating this chart, Varna, Graha and element should be considered. We are providing the Karmakanda Bhava-bhava Chart, which gives you all details about your love and relationship. You can also customize your chart according to your wishes.

kundli chakra 2014 professional full version


-Dual Bhedant & Astrology application: Dual Bhedant & Astrology Application is the best astrological application for all astrologers. It has 29 Nadi Astrology calculators. Each calculator includes detailed study of important planets and their sub-planets and Nodal points of the charts. You can calculate Karmakanda Nakshtras, Dominant Nakshtra, 30 Vedhans, 28 Grahas, Rasi, The Timing of the Birth, Rashi, Bhava, Lagna, Personalization and much more. It also shows the detailed study of the exaltation of your rasi, the most inauspicious days and many more. It also provides more than 100 eFacts. Interested in knowing more about your Rasi, Lagna, Bhava or all the measures of planets? Then Dual Bhedant Chakra is the best one for you.

-Planet Details: This application provides you the detailed study of all the planets with their sub-planets and nakshtras. Natal Charts are also provided. You can also test your skills and knowledge of all the planets and its sub-planets, grahas and all aspects of planets. 2nd Generation: You can also scan your own charts in order to get well prepared Kundli report. You can get all details about each and every planet, sub-planets, graha, compatibility, exaltation etc. with the aid of this application.


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