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Demostene Sulla Corona Pdf 11: The Speech that Shaped the Fate of Athens and Greece

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Demostene Sulla Corona Pdf 11

Sulla proemium 23. For Demosthenes to use the same opening orations as Meineke, it will be necessary to combine all five at least thematically.The orations now numbered 46 to 53 will come later.

Sulla in line 15 is probably the only case in which no parallel verb is furnished in the parallel text. Beside the Giosophon, the only paraline source is the fragmentary Fragment 2 of Demosthenes.

The parallel text of Sulla 3 is extracted from the Fragment of the Lycurgus (cfr. Cordier, Fragments Oratoires, 485-506). According to authors like Voemel the quotations of Demosthenes in Lycurgus are in fact excerpted from Sulla. The other fragments on the Lycurgus are extracts from Sulla 5, 9, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17 and the Mesomedes. 17

So Demosthenes introduces his subject at De corona 8, using the first person and stressing that the text is not the bare words of the law passed by the people but a way of explaining it to the assembly. With kotitloi

Lo stesso Demostene si pone in modo tale che si può dire invece di kotitloi e di paradeigmatai, se alla fine dell'argomento - come accade spesso - si propone la stessa cosa per ogni singolo argomento, sia quanto a paradeigma sia in quanto siano i singoli casi di tale argomento.


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