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What Jewelry Stores Buy Jewelry

Jewelry stores reference the daily London Fix as a guide to the price of gold, silver, or platinum per ounce. This translates into the amount of money jewelry stores are willing to pay for your jewelry.

what jewelry stores buy jewelry

The Real Real is an online luxury consignment site that will evaluate your jewelry and sell it for a determined price. It is an online portal of gently used, designer furniture, rugs, clothes, and much more.

You will not get as much for your jewelry at a pawn shop as you would at local jewelry stores. But pawnshops will buy most kinds of jewelry, including watches, costume jewelry, and trendy collections.

Shoppers at a pawn shop expect ultra-low prices, and jewelry buyers must account for some profit margin when they resell it. This means you might get a lower offer for your jewelry if you sell it at a pawn shop instead of elsewhere.

Therefore, a local jeweler might not be the right option if you are looking to earn money quickly. But if you want to update your jewelry collection or earn store credit towards a gift, jewelry stores may be the right place to sell your jewelry.

National jewelry stores offer trade-in and buy-back programs for their own jewelry you bought, which you may not get from a local jeweler. You must show a purchase receipt to receive a trade-in towards a new purchase at a local jeweler.

Zales is a well-known jewelry store selling jewelry for 90 years, and even where I got my engagement ring from. They offer a Lifetime Diamond Commitment (for gold purchases over $200) and Zales Gold Exchange.

You will receive credit towards your next diamond jewelry purchase if the new item costs at least twice what you paid for the jewelry you are trading in. Zales guarantees that the item you trade will be valued at 100% of its original net purchase price for Zales store credit.

Zales Gold Exchange is a good place to get cash for your gold and platinum jewelry. They offer shipping and insurance up to $500. Zales Gold Exchange will also send you a recording of your package being opened, unpacked, and weighed, for your peace of mind.

They will also tell you in advance what their offer is, which is based on the afternoon London Fix. When you accept their offer, a check will be mailed to you within 2 days. If you do not like their offer, you can return their uncashed check within 30 days and they will return your jewelry to you for free.

At KAY Gold Exchange, they will accept broken and mismatched jewelry items as long as they are made of gold above 10 karats or platinum 900 or 950. You must remove diamonds or other gemstones before sending in your articles, as they will not pay you for these or remove them and send them back to you.

You can sell your old and unwanted gold and platinum jewelry online to Jared Gold Exchange. Like KAY, they will accept gold pieces of 10 karats or more, and platinum 900 or 950, and you must remove diamonds and gemstones before sending in your jewelry. They also base their prices on the London Fix.

Jared Gold Exchange will provide shipping packages and insurance for up to $500. Once they receive your items, they take a video of unpacking and weighing each item twice. Then, they will email you an offer. You can accept or reject the offer and have your jewelry mailed back to you for free.

Be wary of anyone who wants to wire you money or send you a check and ask you to mail your jewelry to them, this is a common scam. Since the risks of getting scammed are higher on Craigslist, be sure you sell safely.