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VetAcad - Education and products

VetAcad's purpose is to gather the best training courses for veterinary care and to offer niche care products  ​
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Courses - Education

We arrange courses for veterinarians and healthcare staff. Learn from the most prominent in their field. Read more about our courses below.

Products in hands-free X-ray technology

We provide specially manufactured products that help you work radiation safely. Read more about the hands-free technologyhere

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Hand free technique

Do not expose yourself to unnecessary X-rays!

The hands-free X-ray technology means that you do not hold the patient when taking X-rays.

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VetAcad products

Here find our "hands-free" products so you can reduce your radiation dose

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Upcoming courses 

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Welcome to course in

Course in hands-free X-ray technology

A course for those who want to learn how to take X-rays without holding the patient so you can leave the X-ray room when taking pictures! We go through, among other things, the patient's position, tips for getting the optimal image and which projections are taken for various questions.

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Course in abdominal and chest X-ray

March 14-15

This is an in-depth, interactive course in abdominal and chest x-rays. Lectures are interspersed with a large amount of image interpretation and quizzes.

Welcome to join

Practical course in endoscopying

3-4th October 2024

Welcome to this unique two-day course in endoscopy, where theory is interspersed with practice

Our e-learning course in Radiation Protection is available when it suits your schedule

  • For nurses and veterinarians

  • Course length: Approx. 1.0-1.5 hours

  • Meets the requirements of the radiation safety authority

  • Quiz and final test

  • Access to the course for 1 month


About VetAcad

Courses in veterinary care and unique products

For several years, we have held courses in image diagnostics. It has given us the experience to now also arrange courses in other subject areas. What our courses have in common is that the lecturers are always specialized and outstanding in their specific field. VetAcad helps to stitch together courses and that the course reaches the right target group.  

The other leg that forms VetAcad is our products. Right now we provide specially made hands-free products so that you can work radiation-safe. Your health is important ❤️

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